Let Company of Khanh create exotic food adventures that your friends and family can share. We have a deep appreciation for the solidarity and affirmation of a substantial meal. 

I love to embark on culinary journeys that embraces the cultural influences from the years I spent cooking outside of the recipe: Mexican, Italian, English, Cuban, African, Peruvian, Vietnamese and French to name a few. I serve straight forward, hearty food to be enjoyed in the company of exuberant eaters alike. There is always an abundance of spiced and savory treats lovingly made, not assembled, to nourish the body with inspiration and imagination.

Here are some of menus from my past catering or pop up events:





 those with olive oil

midye dolmasi (served)

      stuffed mussels


       garlic yogurt with purslane


pepper salad


chickpea puree with basturma



içli köfte (served)

filled meatball

tavuk şiş

marinated chicken kebab

çoban salatası

the salad of the people

bulgur pilavi

bulgur pilaf made with fresh stock, saffron, and garbanzo beans



baklava tureng

baklava inspired cake


Laurie’s Rehearsal Dinner

Vietnamese – Moroccan Inspired  


Grilled beef spiced with lemongrass and cilantro, wrapped in betel leaves

Sweet and spicy pepper harissa tossed in marinated lemon juice, served with sesame crackers

Crispy coconut and turmeric boats filled with shrimp, mung beans, and green onions


Tender lamb shoulder tagine with prunes, served with haricot vert, couscous, and topped with purple cauliflower and sesame seeds


Chilled vanilla lemon posset with warm cardamom shortbread cookies


Paladares with Sylvia


Vietnamese sautéed jicama, carrot, Thai basil and charcuterie rolls, served with a nutty pomegranate tahini hoison sauce


North African spiced goat tamales, served with Peruvian aji sauce, AfroSpanish rice and a wild green salad


Layered coconut cake with salted caramel cream, accompanied by some tea



Private Dinner Parties:

Tealeaf salad
Japanese sukiyaki inspired stew with sprouted tofu, goji berries, napa cabbage, and beech mushrooms
Warm black sesame cassava cake with coconut cream

Wild dandelion salad
Moroccan chicken and marinated lemon tagine with heirloom spinach
Persimmon cheesecake

Chopped lemon poppy seed salad
Etiopian berbere chicken
Yellow lentils, baby carrots, and sautéed greens
Cherry claufotis


Janessa’s Birthday

Japanese-Peruvian Albondigas Soup

made with minced chicken, aji amarillo, beech mushrooms, vegetables

Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms (because Janessa LOVES bacon)

Fresh Atlantic Salmon baked in Red Miso, Scallions and Mustard Seeds, served over red quinoa and Calrose rice,

Cabbage salad with carrot-ginger-sesame dressing

English Lemon Posset and Cardamon Shortbread Cookies

Assam Tea


Sandra’s 30th Birthday


Mixed vegetable empanadas with Jamaican jerk sauce

Creamy roasted corn and butternut squash soup with wild thyme

Organic lemon arugula flowering salad


Oxtail stew spiced with flavors of the Carribean, served over rice and pea tendrils, with steamed Romanesco cauliflower


Blackcurrant tea and Hummingbird cake


Clara’s 50th Birthday


Lobster, Avocado and Papaya salad with lime and cilantro dressing


Seco de Pollo

Peruvian chicken stew made with aji amarillo, mixed peppers and IPA beer

served over cilantro rice with quinoa


Alfajores and Tres Leche cake



Please send me an email at CompanyofKhanh@gmail.com to discuss menu options and ideas.