Southern Gathering Jumpin' Off!!

Saturday, Oct 17th, 2015 at 07:00pm

Long Beach, CA

We know that your schedules have you busy bees working hard so Molly and I have decided to slow you down with our Southern inspired Autumn PopUp. This will be the perfect chance to catch up with friends, old and new, before the season changes again.  

Our charming dinner will be served by candlelight:



Skrimp (that's right, sKrimp) and fresh corn grits

Warm biscuits with salt pork and molasses



Tender Creole oxtail, braised in liquor and spice

Pickled peppers, young and green

Fresh Caribbean oregano, a hundred times the size of regular oregano!

Natural down-home gravy, 100%


 Field pea gratin, French with Southern ingredients

Elegant white and red rice

Swiss chard and collard greens



Mama’s 7-up cake

Molly’s garden-fresh cocktails


This dinner is ALL INCLUSIVE at $45/pp


*Veggie Option Substitute for $30/pp:

Cajun Mushrooms and vegetable medley

Swiss chard and collard greens

Creamy corn grits


Y'all come now!!


**Payments are accepted in advance via Venmo: Khanh-Hoang0918

**Please email to RSVP

**Menu items subject to changed depending on availability