Endless Summer: Pop-Up Dinner with Wine Pairing

Pencil Us In: Sept 10th, 2016

        Recently, Company of Khanh invited Shady Grove Foods to participate in a joint venture. The purpose of this venture was twofold; to promote the concept of Pop-Up restaurants and to explore the varied styles, talents, and tastes of each company. The first collaborative project was a whole pig roast decorated by Burmese, Turkish, Mexican, and Vietnamese accompaniments. This joint venture created a bigger surprise than expected, gathering people for the perfect setting to continue this multicultural tapestry of flavors.

         We live in an exciting time and place, where a restaurant can spring up anywhere and there are no restrictions on food other than the freshness of the ingredients and the skill of chefs. The next collaboration is coming soon and we are working on a seven course menu that will pair the wines of the California Central Coast with a multicultural feast.