The Empower Dinner

in collaboration with Her Empire Productions 

Saturday, March 10th


Pasedena, CA


 I returned from my study abroad class in Northern Vietnam with a greater appreciation for shared meals.  After living away from my family for so long, I grew used to my neat plate of food with clear boundaries and the freedom to gobble it down how I choose. There is much more consideration and conversation necessary when the meal is shared.  Perhaps its time to remind ourselves of the virtue that comes with being patient, offering the last bite, and showing that natural grace with concern for others. Those are qualities that I continue to work on myself, so I plan to continue this style of dining as Company of Khanh embarks on this collaborative journey with Her Empire Productions by Gigi Torres. Can you think of a better way to gather all the women in support of one another's craft, story tell, and build a brighter future than over one meal at a time? So this series begins!



Refresh upon arrival with a complimentary adult beverage

Introductions and mingle with Banh Tieu

Thin, lightly sweetened and chewy sesame bread


To Be Shared:

Bun Cha Ca Hanoi

Sizzling turmeric fish and chicken

Rice noodles

Crisp fried onions and pan-roasted peanuts

Marinated in aromatic lemongrass, shallots, dill, and scallions

Fresh herb variety and crisp romaine lettuce

Traditional savory nouc mam

*Vegetarian Sub: tofu and mushrooms*


Sweet Ending

Che Chui

Cold glutinous rice pudding with banana infused with chrysanthemum blossom tea

Topped with salted coconut cream and toasted sesame seeds


Dark Chocolate Ganache

Silky and bittersweet with a hint of star anise and pink Sichuan pepper

Drizzled with California olive oil

Crisp baguette toast points



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Vegetarian Only Option is not available on the day of the event

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