The Blind Date

February 14th, 2019


At Romeo Chocolates, Long Beach, CA

Design by Lillian Hu

Design by Lillian Hu

A Japanese soba chef said that he closes his eyes when he makes noodles because eyes can only see in one dimension. However, it’s our eyes that often dictate what goes on our plates. The first impression can easily secure a bite, or have us seeking something that is perhaps more familiar. Thus, the saying “eating with your eyes.” What if I take away your sight so that we can heighten your other senses? Awaken the love for flavors and textures of food through your mind’s eye? I pitched it to Romeo from Romeo Chocolates because I felt that he also appreciates diversity and variety, which is enticingly presented on his menu of worldly sourced chocolates with local influence. We worked together to curate a menu that pays homage to different cultures, providing doorways to experiencing feelings that are best brought on by memories of food.

I want to thank Maria and Ramalee, community members in Long Beach, for sharing with me this idea to work on. What a fun adventure it’s been curating this unique event with poetry by Melissa Lussier and guided imagery by Kelsey Dougherty. Now, let’s all go on a blind date!

** This event will have very limited seating in order to ensure the highest quality. You can RSVP through our website by navigating to Contact. RSVP open on Jan 16th, 2019.




Pistachio Soup with Ginger, Shallots and Orange

Sun pirouettes into horizon 

you are a map of ancient secrets/

a hummingbird wing of song 

lifting from the blossom of mouth

the holy land of your heart ajar



Young Jackfruit and Banana Blossom Salad on Puffed Rice Cracker

city lights sing neon hope 

pointing you to the jungle of yes

the blanket of familiar 

falling from your satin shoulder



Chermoula grilled Eggplant with Bulgur and Kefir

smoke rolls in like spiraling hope

you hold this shape in your lungs

deep breaths anchor weary bones

embers sigh deep orange



Stuffed Mussels with Pine Nuts and Aromatic Rice

moon nestles into sea

street stretches into time 

tonight you are a facsimile of why

uncoiling your serpent spine



Shrimp Toast with Fried Delicata Squash, Fermented Green Tea Aioli, and Microgreens

you expand into space

ocean lends an ear

you offer sea anemone hands

aglow with time



Mantu Dumplings filled with Lamb, topped with Split Pea Tomato Sauce and Spicy Zhoug

water rushes in like opal promises

you think it might swallow you whole

but this time, water buoys you 

this time, you are swimming



Gnocchi  with Sweet Peppers and Veal Meatballs

maybe the burn is an opening

perhaps the end is a womb

gestation, a room you’ve yet to seek

a color you’ve yet to bleed



Suman with Mango & Pandan, Sticky Rice, Coconut Creme Drizzle

afterglow spills paint palette onto sky

daybreak lives in burnt fingertips 

in the way you say good morning

turning your petal face to the sun



Long-Stemmed Strawberry dipped in Belgian 54% Dark Chocolate

red is the sound of your blood

singing life into a body 

stretched like spider web across everyone you have ever loved



Dark Chocolate Macaron with White Chocolate Mendiant, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries & Puffed Rice  

the shape your eyes make when, like a cup,

they are filled to the brim with wonder

The voice that sleeps like a gentle dragon awakens now

pulls shoulders square 

a fire no love could name.



 Select a truffle from our case to take home


$35/pp Optional Wine Pairing

*Updated with poetry written and recited by Melissa Lussier