Essence of Ethiopia Picnic

Saturday, June 10th at 06:00pm

Bluff Park neighborhood, Long Beach, CA


Kick off the summer with us on a private, grassy lawn minutes away from the ocean for a unique, sharing-style dinner with nourishing foods eaten with your hands! We will welcome our guests with a handcrafted adult beverage and appetizer. A small donation bar will be available for the rest of the evening. 


Yeqey Sir Qiqqil

Marinated and delicately spiced beets tossed in a simple tangy dressing


Collard greens fragrantly cooked in onions and jalapenos with hints of ginger and allspice

Yatakilt Alicha

Cabbage, carrots and potatoes sautéed with infused niter qibe (aromatic ghee)

Shiro Wat

Flavorful curried stew cooked with spiced chickpea seasoning

Yater Kik Alicha

Creamy yellow split peas simmered with onions and savory spice


Raw, crispy vegetables gently tossed with lime vinaigrette

Misir Wat

Spicy red lentils curried with berbere spice

Duro Wat Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken braised in robust berbere spice, garlic, and ginger jus

with sliced hard boiled eggs

Ye’Assa Tibs

Market fresh fish checkered cut and fried in grapeseed oil


Homemade fermented flatbread made from teff with a slightly spongy texture

 Use to scoop all your food!



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